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Welcome to the CAIR2 Account Update Page!

IMPORTANT: Only Org/Site supervisors should submit Account Update requests.
The CAIR2 Account Update page allows authorized representatives to:
  1. Update site/org account information (e.g., address, contact info)
  2. Add New Users and Shot givers, update Existing User info, and modify existing User roles (see CAIR2 User Roles).

NOTE: Each Update request may take up to 5 business days to be processed. During this time your site will not be able to submit additional Account Update requests.

Prior to submitting an Update, please be sure to:
  • Set aside sufficient time (15-30 minutes) to complete the Update without interruption. Additions/changes will not be saved until the Update is submitted.
  • When adding clinical staff who prescribe vaccines (Ordering Authority) be prepared to enter their full name, their NPI (Nation Provider Identifier) and their CA Medical License Number.

NOTE: If your site/org is sending data electronically to CAIR (e.g., from your EHR, MyTurn, etc.) most often the ONLY user role your site will need is the ‘QA’ user role. This role allows a staff member to look-up patient records, run patient reports (e.g., Yellow Card) and org/site level reports (e.g., Doses Administered), and check the status of your site’s electronic file submissions. Training is NOT required for this user role (see CAIR2 User Roles).




If you have trouble signing on, contact the CAIR Help Desk at: 1-800-578-7889 or by Email:

*NOTE: Facilities participating in Data Exchange with CAIR should update their info in the Gateway Portal.

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