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Welcome to the CAIR Account Update Page!

The CAIR Account Update page allows authorized Org/Site representatives to:
  1. Update information about their CAIR Account(s)
  2. Add new Users, delete Users, or modify User access for their CAIR Account(s).
Begin by logging in using your CAIR Ogranization Code and Zip code. If you are unable to login, check your spelling or enter a previous Zip code if your Zip code has changed since you enrolled.
  • Set aside 10-30 minutes to complete the online update process. If you don’t complete the entire process, none of the info you enter will be saved.
  • If updating a ‘Clinical’ Org/Site, have your Responsible Clinician’s full name and CA Medical License Number available.
  • Once an Update is submitted, you will be unable to submit any additional updates until the pending request is processed by the CAIR team.
  • Processing can take 3 weeks.



If you have trouble signing on, contact the CAIR Help Desk at: 1-800-578-7889 or by Email:

*NOTE: Facilities participating in Data Exchange with CAIR should update their info in the Gateway Portal.

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